I Want To Believe…




No sleep.

And it sucks.

Just like Flukeman.

But shit son,

I ain’t complaining.

Gotta get on up and out.

Now watch this:


Pssssh. He’s a good guy.

Passssing time in photo class.

The bus is in half an hour and all my work is done.

I’m still sick of Michigan. I can’t wait to go to Chi-Town for Lollapalooza. Let alone go to NY for school.

Time passes slowly.


When my photo teacher saw this he said “Damn, Barnaby, you going Andy Warhol on us?”

Pssssh. He’s a good guy.

Lomir gayn!

This town is too small.

I want to go to New York.

I miss the Shondes.

That’s them.

They’re great.

Go listen to them now.

Is it weird that I’m just a bleached cow skull?

At ‘Brosia with some Bros.

Fuckin’ Bros.

Nah brah.

or so?

That just so happens to be Eva’s torso suspended above playground cheese.

I’m gone.

Got no time on my hands, it’s all over the floor.

Allergies can kiss my ass.

Maybe I’m allergic to the cloud of smug over Ann Arbor.

It’s invisible to the eye.

Or else the skies would not be so blue here:

above the bell towerI don’t want to work on a day where the skies look like this.

Save me.

Oh, and to all the delightful people who happen to read this in time, Simon Joyner is in town tonight.

Never knew he was named after Paul Simon.

Anyway, he’s playing on Main St. tonight.

Above the Full Moon.

I’m not positive of the address.

It’ll be worth it though.

One more stone in my pocket, one more step in the water.

I’ve been playin’ enemies like games of chess all day.

And taking pics of Lil biking. “Motion” is my latest assignment.

no head

There she is.

Y’all should listen to this:

Apparently they opened for Battles or some shit.

Wish I had been there.

New Beginnings


It just so happens I have come back.

I need a place to put things.

This closet of a blog had been sitting here for a while so I figured I’d up and clean it out, reorganize and start reshelving.

I’m not too sure yet what sort of stuff I’ll be posting here, but I will soon enough.

As soon as I find something interesting to bring to Show & Tell here.