Taking off my Summertime clothes, and waiting around in my boxers for a bit before putting on my Autumn ones.


I really need to get back on the blogline.

Guess I kind of dropped the blogosphere on this one.

Here’s the video that inspired this post:

One of my old favorite bands covering an old terribly embarrassing favorite song.

I can’t believe the summer is over.

Both my brothers are gone and I miss them terribly.

Just one more year before I’m gone as well.

Better make it a good one.


I’m a Paloozer baby, so why don’t you kill me?

Two more days until the train comes to take me away.

Away to a land where music meets the masses.


And I’m going with my fambly and this fine young lady:

And to sum up the madness, here are some videos/songs by acts that I will be witnessing:

Got no god.

Sorry, I won’t do it again.

Forgive them lord they know not what they’ve done.

Number my babies and my broken body.

So I’m sitting at work waiting for the carpet cleaner to show up…

That ain’t no set-up to a joke.

That’s what I’m doing.

Right now.

Thought I’d pop in a quick entry.

I don’t have too much to say,

the last few weeks have had high highs and low lows,

can’t do too much explaining at this point.

I may be moving out soon though!


If only the cogs would start their motion…

Wish I had a photo or something to upload,

but this ain’t my computer,

so that ain’t gon’ happen.

Catch you all later.

“The Song Remains The Same” Remains The Same After All These Years

Watched The Song Remains The Same with my pal Lillian last night.

Man, that shit is ridic.

For example:

This is Jimmy Page in a whole bunch of terrible make up that’s supposed to make him look old.

So he holds up a lantern and waves his sword and it goes all LSD on our asses.

It continues it’s descent into madness, while the band plays Madison Square Garden.

There are werewolf gangsters, Tolkien-esque montages, masked horsemen, hawks attacking children, bad editing,

and best of all:

way too many up-close shots of Robert Plant’s denim-constrained genitalia.

Now I remember why I haven’t watched this in so many years.

Up from below?

Cars? Really?!

Today I came to work expecting the usual busy Friday crowd,

hoping to dear god it would be slow,

so I could sit on my ass and read a comic book,

but no,

there had to be a fucking car show.

A car show? You may ask. In Ann Arbor?!


and the store was busy as all hell.

I was already a bit brain dead mind you.

Now I’m a zombie.

The upside is, I sold over $1000 worth of shoes.

That means $10 more on the paycheck.

1% commission is a bitch.

I have no pictures to show you all today.

I am a man with empty hands and an empty mind.

Can I come with you? I feel odd.

People are strange.

And generally unreliable.

Except for an exceptional few.

That’s a collage I’ve been working on.

Now that I look at it again, it’s not quite finished.


How do we stand? Flatfooted.

Oh lord it’s been a few weeks now hasn’t it?

I must keep up on these posts or else Adam & Eva will never take me seriously as a blogger.

Life has been busy lately, which is good; it keeps me distracted.

As far as my photography goes I haven’t been taking as many pictures as I’ve been working on them.

These are a few of the works I’ve been editing lately,

mainly overlays and color differences.

I like making these.

The work flow is hypnotic and doesn’t require much more mental capacity than deciding what looks pretty.

La la la la.

Oh, my awesome friend Zack told me about this band:

Now I’m all about ’em.

Oh Wild Nothing.